... is a unique defensive tactics system that takes techniques from the martial arts of Yoshinkan Aikido, Shotokan Karate Jutsu, Kodokan Judo-Jujitsu and Hawaiian Lua and adapts them for modern day use for law enforcement conforming to the use of force.

About the Founder: Chief Instructor David Dye, a retired law enforcement officer and certified Defensive Tactics Officer, has 42 years of law enforcement experience that included serving the community of Costa Mesa, California as a Police Officer for a total of 34 years working in patrol, investigation, custody and as the departments Lead Defensive Tactics Training Officer. He also served 8 years with the Orange County Regional Sheriffs Academy as an Assistant Defensive Tactics Instructor. As an independent contractor, he has trained US Army Airborne Special ...

... Forces at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, West Point Military Police in New York and Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructors in San Diego, California.

Sensei Dye has been actively training and teaching the martial arts since 1962 and has owned and operated his school in the City of Costa Mesa, California since 1980. He holds 5th degree black belts in Kodokan Judo, Jujitsu and the martial art of Hawaiian Lua, 4th degree black belt in Yoshinkan Aikido and a 3rd degree black belt in Shotokan Karate Jutsu. He is an author of several publications on martial arts, has produced an 8 volume series of DVD’s on the use of Yoshinkan Aikido for Law Enforcement, has been a stuntman and choreographer for movies, inducted into four martial arts halls of fame and has a PhD. in Martial Arts Philosophy and Martial Arts Science.

Taiho-44 Training Courses for Law Enforcement Officers

If you are interested in hosting a Taiho-44 Training Course, please examine the course descriptions below, and then Contact Taiho-44 using the email form provided.

Four levels of Course work are available to those interested in Taiho-44 Training. Three of the levels lead to Certification (or Re-Certification) and one level is for those wanting ongoing training.

Basic Certificated Course

Instructor Certified Course

Annual Re-Certification & Update Courses

Individual Classes for Law Enforcement Officers


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C.M.P.D. - Retired

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Chief Snowden's message
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